5500 Series

5500 Series
5500 Series Window - A W Restoration
Vinyl Colour Option - A W Restoration
  • 5500 series uPVC all welded construction
  • Dual vent stops
  • Block and tackle balances
  • Both sash have recessed tilt latches
  • Pre insulated foam frame wrap (optional)
  • Double wall interior leg
  • 7/8″ glass glazed outside
  • Gas fill options
  • Dual interlocking meeting rail
  • Dual weather-stripping
  • Steel reinforcements
  • Sloped sill



Let the sun shine in and the cold and heat stay out. That’s what you want from your windows right? But there is much more to consider when buying a replacement window and we believe we have the best value in the vinyl window market. All of our windows come standard with super spacer technology. In combination with our glass options, your new windows will be more efficient, easier to clean, will reduce outside noise and reduce inside condensation. Most of all, you will enjoy a lifetime of the virtually maintenance-free window, both inside and out

We custom build every window with the quality standards as if they were going into our own homes. Since this will be one of the most important purchases you will make for your home, we know you will find our windows are the best value in the market today.

Looking for a replacement window that is a real heavy weight and has the most available options? If so, then Vinyl Kraft  5500 Series Windows is the right choice for you! Our family of windows have the best vinyl construction you can ask for. When one of our windows are combined with our standard Super Spacer TM system and our glass gas and foam fill options, you can achieve one of the most energy efficient windows available on the market . Our windows also offer equal glass which gives you that beautifully traditional look. Browse our windows below and discover all the benefits that we have to offer.

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