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Asphalt Coatings

Product Benefits

Consistent performance “on-the-roof” and “out-of-the-pail”.

    • The Asphalt Coating trusted by professional contractors and crews for extraordinary value.
    • The products applicators need, in the sizes they need.
    • Environmentally friendly and energy-efficient product options.
    • Quick, safe, application for minimal disruption for building owners.

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BuiltUp Roofing (BUR)

GAFGLAS Built Up roof systems are made up of asphalt Coating BUR sheets that are reinforced with
fiberglass mats. These systems are built-up on the roof using alternating layers of hot asphalt and
BUR sheets. This proven technology provides a strong, durable roof membrane with redundant,
multi layer protection and you can add a reflective cap sheet as well.

Modified Bitumen

RUBEROID roof systems utilize asphalt coating membranes modified with SBS or APP bitumen and
reinforced with fiberglass or polyester mats to produce a strong and flexible waterproofing
membrane. These systems are very versatile and can be installed using hot asphalt coating, cold
adhesive, torch applied or self-adhered.

Coating Solutions

TOPCOAT is a full line of reflective coatings and liquid membranes for all types of metal and
low slope roofing that provides an extra protection layer and extends the life of the membrane
below. TOPCOAT systems save energy costs by reflecting heat and harmful UV away from the
building and thereby reducing the temperature in the building.

Energy Guard PolyIso Roof Insulation

EnergyGuard Polyiso Insulation board is made of glass fiber reinforced cellulosic felt facers
bonded to a core of isocyanurate foam. It provides high insulation value and superior LTTR
value compared to any other FM Class I rated product of equivalent thickness at 5.7 per inch. In
addition, EnergyGuard ISO offers unique 6 & quot on the center guideline facer design to increase
speed and increased accuracy of installation.

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