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If you’ve just bought a new home or have lived in your home for a while roof damage is not the thing you want to hear. Instantly, you see dollars leaving your pocket and can think of a million better ways to spend your money. Unfortunately, big investments like roofing your house take money to maintain and make safe for the long term. Granite City roofer say that roofs often time only last 20 years and sometimes less due to weather conditions.There are couple things you should keep an eye on when it comes to your roof. The first one is Blow-off damage. That’s when high winds damage roofing materials by blowing the finished roofing entirely off the roof. Blow-off damage typically occurs in a section of the roof or on an entire side of the roof that was exposed to the highest winds. Roofing felt and roof sheathing can also be blown away by severe winds.

Second, would be tree or debris damage that causes structural damage…Storms and high winds damage roofing indirectly by causing tree limbs and entire trees to fall on the roof. Structural damage from impacts can range from small punctures in the roofing and roof sheathing to the complete collapse of the roof or roof section.

Third, shingle damage…Roof shingles made of asphalt and wood can show signs of damage simply because of old age. In other cases, damage occurs because of other factors. Missing, broken and torn shingles can be caused by wind, impact or foot traffic. Old shingles often curl and become brittle. These are all signs of roofing that should be replaced. Bald shingles that have lost their protective granules detract from the roofs appearance and will age prematurely if they’re exposed to direct sunlight. Its also important to look for roofing nail pops that have been pushed up through roof shingles and can cause roof leaks.

Next would be roof leaks… Water can leak past the roofing through a hole made by a popped nail. It can also leak into your house around damaged flashing or because of water backed up behind an ice dam. Water is tricky. It can make its way through cracks and crevices often time nowhere near the end point of spotting the leak.

There are more but, If all this sounds way to complicated to think about; don’t worry! Ashe and Winkler restoration has been in the business for many years and has seen and repaired all the roofing nail pops scenarios out there. We pride ourself on making your home safe again. Schedule your roof inspection today and let us do the rest!


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